CF In Bloom

Mission Statement

The Mission of the CFIB is to provide a community resource to assist with the planning and implementation for the continued revitalization of the Champion Forest common areas through evaluation, education, recommendation, community outreach and communication.


The goal of the volunteer members of CFIB is to work with organizations and individuals to coordinate esplanade beautification, the “plant a tree” program and continued efforts to enhance the neighborhood.


CFIB began in the Spring of 2005 as the Entrance Enhancement Committee. At that time entrance renovation was desperately needed. As a result plantings, lighting, guard house renovation and irrigation brought new life to Champion Forest. Today, the program has evolved to include neighborhood organizations as well as interested individuals who wish to make a difference in Champion Forest.

Plant A Tree Program

“Plant A Tree” allows residents to commemorate an event in their lives, or honor the memory of a loved one or friend. Choose a tree from the list, fill out the Excel form and send it to Barb Smith at . Your name will be added to a special plaque on display at the PUD Building.