Pet Finders

Mission Statement

The Mission of Pet Finders is to provide residents of our community with an effective and efficient means of returning pets to their owners.


The goal of Pet Finders is to evaluate the needs of residents as they seek to find a lost pet, or report a found pet. When necessary, Pet Finders will contact residents with a Pet Alert e-mail describing the animal and contact information for its owner.


Jim and Ruth Lynch began Pet Finders in Champion Forest in the ’90s. Pet Finders remains dedicated to reuniting pets with their owners.

To Join CF Pet Alert

To join neighborhood pet owners in the effort to reunite lost or located pets with their owners please send an email to . Provide your name, address, telephone number, and e-mail address. To register your pet, please provide the pet’s name, age, gender and breed. When reporting a lost pet, please mention last known location and when possible, please provide a photograph.

In the event that your pet is lost, or if you find someone’s pet wandering, please contact CFPetAlert – whether you have joined, or not.