Special Interest Groups

Champion Forest  ~ Special Interest Groups


Book Club: Connie Nolan – 281-379-5302 or Ruth Ellen Mack – 281-376-2107


Mothers of Young Children:  Lauren Dougherty – 713-859-2338    laurenrocco@gmail.com

Join us for playdates, activities and mom’s night out events as we get to know other parents and children in our neighborhood.


Wine Tasting Group: Leah Kremling – 281-376-9070

We meet every other third Saturday evening.


Happy Book Club:  Linda Peters – 832-656-5306 or Kathleen Castro – 571-331-0263

Our book club meets on the 4th Tuesday of each month at a member’s house for discussion and lunch.


Investment Group “Smart Women Finish Rich”: Kathleen Morris – 281-379-7089 or Carol Farrell  – 281-320-2025

We meet every third Wednesday at 9:15 am.


Friendship Singers: Peggy Carter  – peggycarter77@gmail.com

This older group of guys and girls love to sing and sing to bring joy in nursing homes and retirement communities. They devote Mondays to practicing and performing.


Daughters of the American Revolution – Local Chapter

If you have a Special Interest Group in Champion Forest that you would like to share with your neighbors, please send the group name and contact info to the HOA President via the contact form on the Board Members Page.

Thank you for helping make Champion Forest a great place to live!