Board Members

Your HOA Board serves voluntarily and is elected by the owners, from the owners of Champion Forest. We are here to serve you and assist you in helping maintain the quality of the Champion Forest subdivision, making it a safer, cleaner, and more attractive place to live. We need your help and feedback on issues in our subdivision, please use the contact form here to confidentially send us your concerns.

Say HELLO! to your HOA Board and send us your questions and comments.

Elected, voting Board of Directors Committees
President Mary Matthews Architectural Control & Maintenance Bruce Roloff, Paul Cox & Mary Matthews 
Vice President Barb Smith Budget Oversight Bruce Roloff & Mary Matthews
Treasurer Bruce Roloff Forward Planning Mary Matthews & Russell Hildebrand
Director Paul Cox Grounds & Landscaping Barb Smith & Paul Cox
Director Russell Hildebrand Security Liaison  Bruce Roloff & Barb Smith

Community Liaison, Website & Communication

Mary Matthews

Special Committees: 

In 2020 the Wall Committee was established to survey, plan an and enact an ongoing plan of action for restoring and maintaining our community walls.  Board member Russell Hildebrand heads up the committee assisted by resident Myron Shemek.

Landscape Committee