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Are you aware of how YOU can call on Harris County to help our  neighborhood be the best it can be?

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Harris County Commissioner Precinct 3

Champion Forest is located in Harris County Commissioner Precinct 3. The services that our County provides are paid for by our taxes, and we, as their residents, can request their assistance for a number of things.

For example, they provide public road and sidewalk repairs; including sinkholes, concrete and curb repairs, drainage issues, roadway issues, hazards in roadways, road signs, and markings. That means that if your street markings are absent, or you have stormwater drainage issues, standing water in your street (perhaps harboring mosquito larvae?), then you should submit a work order requesting repairs to remedy the issue.

Please look around your street and submit those work order requests to the county, in order to get assistance. Submit a work order request HERE For assistance you can also call Tel: 713-274-3100  or email

After hours, weekends, or holidays, please contact the Harris County operator at 713-755-5000 to report road hazards, such as blinking traffic lights, missing manhole covers or storm drain grates, missing stop signs, etc.


Harris County Public Health Department

What is a Neighborhood Nuisance?  The Health Department can be contacted to report: swimming pools that are in dangerous unkempt condition, overgrown or vacant lots that are attracting vermin, junked vehicles, trash and other health related property violations.

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Tel:  713-439-6300
Following an investigation that results in a nuisance notification, a property owner or occupant has thirty days to eliminate the nuisance. Failure to comply can result in civil action or criminal prosecution.

HCSO’s Nuisance Abatement Program

The Nuisance Abatement Program assists the community in identifying public nuisances within unincorporated Harris County.  The Harris County Sheriff’s Office will respond to all complaints received regarding Nuisance Abatement concerns and take the appropriate actions, including referrals to the Harris County Public Health & Environmental Service or the Harris County Attorney’s Office to resolve the nuisance issue. 

What does Nuisance Abatement entail?




Harris County Graffiti Abatement Unit

The mission of our Graffiti Abatement Unit is to remove unwanted graffiti markings from communities within unincorporated Harris County.

To report unwanted graffiti in unincorporated Harris County, e-mail:

Harris County Home Repair Program

The Harris County Home Repair program provides financial assistance to qualified homeowners for repairs. You must be 62 years or older or have someone with a documented disability in the home at the time of application. Home repairs include roof repair/replacement, handicap accessibility improvements, mechanical, electrical, weatherization, and plumbing improvements.

To apply, call a Resource Navigator at Tel: 832-927-4955.

Harris County Flood Control District

The Service Request Center provides a single point of contact for residents to report concerns and raise concerns regarding the operating condition of the Harris County Flood Control District infrastructure. HCFCD infrastructure typically refers to the primary drainage system, including waterways, channels, and detention basins (not streets, storm sewers, or roadside ditches).

Send an HCFCD Service Request HERE  or Tel: 346-286-4197

Working together we can make Champion Forest even better!