Call the County

Are you aware of how YOU can help Harris County help our neighborhood?

Harris County Precinct 4

Our beautiful Champion Forest is located in Harris County Precinct 4. The services that our County provides, are paid for by our taxes, and we, as their residents, can request their assistance for a number of things.

For example, they provide public road and sidewalk repairs; including sinkholes, concrete repairs, drainage issues, road signs, and markings. That means that if your street marking are absent, or you have stormwater drainage issues, standing water in your street (perhaps harboring mosquito larvae?), then you should put in a work order requesting repairs to remedy the issue.

Together we can make Champion Forest even better! Please look around your street and submit those work order requests to the county, in order to get assistance.

Harris County Flood Control District

Send an HCFCD Service Request HERE

The Service Request Center provides a single point of contact for residents to report concerns and raise concerns regarding the operating condition of the Harris County Flood Control District infrastructure. HCFCD infrastructure typically refers to the primary drainage system, including waterways, channels and detention basins (not streets, storm sewers, and roadside ditches).

Working together we can make Champion Forest even better!