Architectural Control

Architectural Control Approval

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“Good fences make good neighbors.” – Robert Frost

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Why Do We Need Architectural Control?
Preserving “the aesthetic quality and property values within the community” is recognized by courts as an “important function” of a homeowners association. 
“Maintaining a consistent and harmonious neighborhood, one that is architecturally and artistically pleasing, confers a benefit on the homeowners by maintaining the value of their properties.”

The architectural review process is an important function of any HOA. It ensures owners are able to make modifications and improvements to their property while abiding by the restrictions of the HOA and maintaining the intended character of the neighborhood. By maintaining a smooth architectural review process, a HOA can ensure compliance is maintained and property values continue to increase for years to come.

ACC Approval Application

An Architectural Control Committee Approval Application must be submitted and approved before any building, improvements, or changes to the exterior of the structures on your property are made. The purpose of requiring approval is to ensure that our deed restrictions are adhered to and to preserve the quality, character, and harmony of the residences in our subdivision.

In many communities, a charge is made to the homeowner for an ACC application. In Champion Forest, we have chosen to keep that free because we believe we all benefit from well maintained and updated properties. However, if an ACC application is not filed and approved prior to commencement of work, the HOA has and will exercise, the right to order a cease and desist and levy fines for noncompliance with the deed restrictions.

From the time of receipt of a fully complete ACC application, the committee or three has up to 30 days to approve or deny the application. However, most fully complete applications are processed much more quickly than this. The vast majority of ACC applications are approved, if your application is not approved, the ACC will give you an explanation and work with you to find an approved result.

Once a project of improvement has been duly approved by the ACC, no material modifications shall be made to the approved plans and specifications; and, subsequent alterations, relocations, additions, or modifications shall not be made to the project, as approved, without an additional submittal to, review and approval by the Committee.

Note: Once work on an approved improvement has begun, work shall be completed within two (2) weeks unless otherwise agreed, this includes clean up of the worksite. The deed restrictions prohibit the display of ANY contractors signage.

You may fill out and submit the application online by clicking the button and completing the form here:

 Submit Application

Please be sure to check your online application and hit SUBMIT at the bottom of the page. You will receive a copy by email.

PODs, Dumpsters & Porta Potty guidelines along with Re-Roofing guidelines can be found here by clicking on the icons:

All applications should be submitted via this web portal.

Architectural Control

Property alterations and improvements requiring approval include, but are not limited to; building, painting, re-roofing, new windows, masonry, siding, room additions, pools, carports, patio roofs, patios, walkways, driveways, and fences.

Temporary amenities such as move in-out storage pods, construction dumpsters, and porta-restrooms also require ACC approval.

 A survey plat is often required with your application form. You should have received one with your closing documents when you purchased your home. The title company, that processed your home purchase, should also have one.

Alterations without approval may result in a cease and desist notice stopping work until approval is obtained and potential legal action for non-compliance.  If you are unsure a request form is necessary, send a request just to be covered.

The Architectural Control Committee chairperson should be contacted regarding all matters pertaining to architectural approval. Neither the Management Company or HOA Board members should be contacted regarding ACC applications. 

The completed application shall be submitted online here. The Champion Forest deed restrictions are found in the Deed Restrictions section of the HOA Documents Archive page.


Some improvements will require a permit from the Harris County Permit Department. Once you receive ACC approval you then apply for a permit if needed. Check here to see if one is needed for your improvement.

Driveway Construction or Repairs

See: Harris County Engineering Department Driveway Regulations

Swimming Pool Installations

Swimming pool installations also require written notification to the Cypress Forest PUD prior to construction and inspection on completion. Click here to see the details, page 6.


Google Solar Project


Texas Property Code – Solar Installations


Homeowner Property Maintenance and Grounds Awareness 

In order to enhance the beauty of Champion Forest by keeping it attractive, well-groomed and to help achieve and maintain high property values, a Deed Restriction Inspector from the management company will survey homes, and, where appropriate, notify homeowners with regard to any violations and required corrective measures. All property owners are required, by the agreed Deed Restrictions, to cooperate in this collective endeavor, in order to help preserve our property values and to keep our community attractive.

Survey your entire property frequently to see that it meets the following criteria:

  • Home and garage exterior should be clean, neat and in good repair.
  • All fences and gates should be secure and maintained in good repair.
  • Lawns cut, edged, and weeds removed and watered as needed.
  • Trees and shrubbery are trimmed and groomed.
  • Trees must be kept trimmed to 14ft clearance above roadways as per county regulations.
  • Plantings must not block the view of traffic at intersections, traffic signs or street lighting.
  • Driveways, walkways and street gutters should be swept regularly. Please do not allow yard waste to enter and block the street drains.
  • Pools to be kept in a safe and hygienic condition as per Health Dept regulations.
  • Boats, recreational vehicles, motorhomes, inoperative vehicles, trailers and alike shall be stored out of sight. Parking is never permitted on grass.
  • Signs, flags, and religious items shall only be displayed within the guidelines of the subdivision’s restrictions, policies and the Texas Property Code.
  • Trash or waste shall not be stored on any lot except in the standard waste receptacles; no waste shall be burned on any lot as per state regulations.
  • All yard equipment, woodpiles, storage piles, and trash containers shall be screened from public view.
  • Garbage, tree/yard waste, and recycling shall not be visible until the evening before pick up day, currently Tuesday and Friday. Please review full guidelines here.
  • No property or lot within the subdivision shall be permitted to become a Public or Neighborhood Nuisance.

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