Homeowner Property Maintenance

Homeowner Property Maintenance and Grounds Awareness 

In order to enhance the beauty of Champion Forest by keeping it attractive, well-groomed and to achieve and maintain high property values, a Deed Restriction Inspector from the management company will survey homes, and, where appropriate, notify homeowners with regard to any violations and required corrective measures. All property owners are required, by the agreed Deed Restrictions, to cooperate in this collective endeavor, in order help preserve our property values and to keep our community attractive.

Survey your property frequently to see that it meets the following criteria:

  • Home and garage exterior should be clean, neat and in good repair.
  • All fences and gates should be secure and maintained in good repair.
  • Lawns cut, edged, and weeds removed and watered as needed.
  • Trees and shrubbery are trimmed and groomed.
  • Plantings must not block the view of traffic at intersections or traffic signs.
  • Driveways, walkways and street gutters should be swept regularly. Please do not allow yard waste to enter and block the street drains.
  • Pools to be kept in a safe and hygienic condition as per Health Dept regulations.
  • Boats, recreational vehicles, motorhomes, inoperative vehicles, trailers and alike shall be stored out of sight.
  • Signs and Flags shall only be displayed within the guidelines as seen here.
  • Trash or waste shall not be stored on any lot except in the standard waste receptacles; no waste shall be burned on any lot as per state regulations.
  • Garbage, tree/yard waste, and recycling shall not be visible until the evening before pick up day, currently Tuesday and Friday. Please review full guidelines here.

Help Keep Champion Forest Beautiful!

Houston January Gardening Checklist from Plants for all Seasons

Seasonal Homeowner Maintenance Tips: 

Courtesy of Associa PMG – You can skip the Snow Prep!


*ALL Exterior changes or improvements to your property require an application to the Champion Forest Architectural Control Committee. ~ Click Here for full details and an Application.