Flags, Signage, Displays and Yard Sale Signs

Flags, Signage, and Displays Within Champion Forest


State Law prohibits the placement of signs on or along public rights-of-way where a permit has not been acquired. For more information regarding Bandit signs see Harris County Harris County Attorney’s Office .

The Texas Property Code permits Political Signs according to law. In Champion Forest, this means one sign per candidate and/or ballot item per homeowner property. They are limited in size and must be ground-mounted and, may only be displayed 90 days before an election and for up to 10 days after an election. This is in accordance with the Texas Property Code.

The Texas Property Code permits the display of Religious Items within limits.

Champion Forest Deed Restrictions prohibit the placement of signs in our yards, in public view, with the exception of ONE Realtor sign while a property is listed for sale or lease.

Based on Texas Law, ONLY flags of the United States, Texas, and military branches of service are permitted.  

Please review the Texas Property Code, Election Code, and our Deed Restrictions for any additional questions on signs in Champion Forest. The full Champion Forest Fund / HOA Flags, and Political Signs policy can be found here.  

Yard Sale Signs

As we do permit private yard sales (NO commercial sales permitted), we allow the posting of yard sale signs on private property, with property owner permission. They can not be placed on esplanades and absolutely not be affixed to or near any stop sign or traffic/utility sign or tree, even if it appears to be on private property. The signs must be placed only when the sale is in progress and removed promptly, as soon as the sale is completed.

Thank you for helping to keep Champion Forest beautiful and tidy!