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3rd – PUD Board Meeting: 5 pm – see the PUD website for details

25th – HOA Board Meeting: 6 pm – watch for details

25th – Women’s Club: 6:30 pm  Party with a Purpose


Important reminders:


Time for home maintenance? Regular property and grounds maintenance helps preserve the value of your property and that of your neighbors.

The Deed Restrictions require that the all lots (in their entirity) and all structures upon them shall be maintained in a sanitary and attractive manner by the owner(s). Landscaping must be kept in a neat and tidy condition. Lots shall not be used for storage of materials and/or equipment for other than normal residential requirements.

Review your property and make sure it meets the Property Maintenance Guidelines HERE

Pets must be controlled on leashes when not securely restrained on your property. This is in accordance with Harris County Leash Laws

Harris County Pets  281-999-3191



Traffic Safety:  Do not place ANY objects in public roadways. Bulk trash and yard waste, basketball hoops, the little neon “kid alert” signs or warning cones need to be at the end of your driveway or in your yard, not in the street.

On advisement of Constable Precinct 4: Any objects placed in a roadway are a violation and considered a traffic hazard.


Golf Cart Laws on Texas Roadways

Golf Carts must only be driven by licensed drivers using all traffic safety precautions and displaying a Golf Cart license plate, when operated on roads authorized by the city or county. Read more HERE


Our Waste Collection Service is contracted for us by our Public Utility District and provided by Best Trash

Contact Best Trash directly regarding issues: Tel: 281-313-2378  Email: customerservice@besttrashtexas.com


Collection days:
Tuesday & 

We have “Backdoor Service” which means our trash and recycling (Fridays) cans should be visible ONLY on collection days and remain at our backdoor / garage / gate area.

Waste should be ready for collection by 7 AM

Best Trash Collection Guidelines

Regular household waste must be securely bagged and placed in your own waste can as per guidelines.

Yard waste should be placed at the curb as per guidelines (not on the street) and no earlier than the evening before collection days.

Recycling collection day is Friday – clean items as per guidelines HERE

If dirty or general waste is mixed with the recycling it will not be collected.

Yard & Bulk collection  – items as per GUIDELINES, should be placed at the curb on collection days.  No construction debris will be collected.

If you use a lawn care service, ensure that they do not leave your yard waste at the curb unless it will be collected that same day. Please also ensure that waste is not blown into the street where it can block street drainage. The only thing that should enter street drains is water. Read about Storm Drain Smarts

NOTE: The deed restrictions require that –  “All yard equipment, woodpiles, storage piles, and trash containers shall be screened from public view. No lot shall be used for the storage of materials for more than normal household use.”


Thank you for keeping Champion Forest tidy!



Ongoing work:

Architectural Control Committee:

ALL exterior improvements require ACC approval before any work is begun.

An application MUST BE formally submitted to the Committee AND approved in writing BEFORE any work has commenced. 

Be assured, most applications are able to be processed virtually and quickly and the committee will work with you if amendments to your application are needed. Please see the:  Architectural Control page for full guidelines and application forms

***Note: The management company do not process ACC applications, only the ACC has the authority to review and approve applications.


Flock Automated License Plate Reader Cameras Our Flock Automated License Plate Reader (ALPR) Camera system is active and recording data to be used by law enforcement to help prevent and solve crimes. Read the more HERE


If you witness or are the victim of a crime, please call on law enforcement immediately and give them all the information you have. Remind them to check the Flock ALPR camera data and ask that they give you a follow-up report in a timely manner.


Monarch Landscape Management:

This month will see drought damaged irrigation repairs along with  monitoring of tree health. 

Entrance bed enhancements are on hold until the weather cools and drought restrictions are lifted.


Community Entrances & Esplanades:

Our entrance monuments have been cleaned. The lettering on them will be repaired and painted this month.

The Board continues to review lighting enhancements and other modifications to our entrances.


Wall Care: 

Wall washing was recently completed on some of our walls. 

If you live along a community property wall, and notice an issue, please send an email report through the Board contact form on the website.

We need every resident who has the direct benefit of our brick walls to care for the walls by keeping their trees and foliage from growing against and over the walls. These practices will help us protect and prolong the life of our walls and prevent avoidable damage to these valuable community assets.

Be aware; owners are responsible for their and their guests and tenants damage to the Association’s common property.


In the neighborhood:

Cypress Forest Public Utility District: For your safety and enjoyment please read the rules that govern the use of Cypress Forest Public Utility District’s park properties and facilities by members of the public – Cypress Forest Park and Facilities Rules 

Motorized vehicles are not permitted in the PUD park.

All the PUD-owned land, previously leased with restrictions to the former country club (Agreements 2008 & 2011), has reverted to the PUD for its control and preservation. The PUD has within its budget funds for the maintenance of the land tract/park. Discussions are continuing regarding the use of the land and working towards a win-win for all parties. Read more about the land here.

For updates on the PUD’s work, see their website: Cypress Forest PUD

For details of the Drought Restrictions and updates see the PUD Website


North Harris County Regional Water Authority The NHCRWA public meetings are held the first Monday of each month.


Harris County Precinct 3 Commissioner: Tom Ramsey

Read more about the Parks & Trails Plan HERE

HC Pct 3 Submit a Service Request HERE


Harris County Flood Control District All HCFCD Community Engagement Meetings are being held virtually.  For updates – see the: Harris County Flood Control District ~ Cypress Creek Watershed website page here.

Submit a Comment or Question to HCFCD regarding the Champions Forest Detention Basin Proposal

May 20th 2022 Article re The Former Country Club Land in the Chronicle 

HCFCD Report a Concern or Request Service

Privately owned motorized vehicles are not permitted on any HCFCD land.  


Klein Independent School District: Keep in touch with our local school and district. Regular meetings of the Klein ISD Board of Trustees are normally held on the second Monday of each month at 6:00 p.m. Check the KISD website for more information.


DIAL 911 for Emergencies!

To contact our precinct 4 constables for non-emergency service call:    


  The constables want to hear from you if you see or hear anything suspicious in our neighborhood. They are here to serve us, please call on them.

See something, say something!

Harris County Precinct 4 Constable's Office