December Spotlight

“It is December, and nobody asked if I was ready.” ― Sarah Kay

3rd  PUD Meeting – 4 pm at the PUD building

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4th HOA Board Meeting – 5:30 pm at the PUD building

10th CF Women’s Club – Let it Snow Luncheon & Auction – Click for Details.

23rd Klein School Holidays begin

25th Christmas Day

31st New Years Eve

Happy New Year!

Watch for your Annual Assessments account!

The 2020 assessment will remain at $250, per lot. Assessments are due on the 1st of January each year and are considered overdue by the 1st of February

The maintenance of our beautiful Champion Forest subdivision is dependent on every homeowner contributing toward our joint expenses. As residents, we all benefit from services that enhance our community’s value. Services like our security patrols, street lighting, mosquito control, common area beautification and maintenance, enforcement of our subdivision covenants are paid for directly by our annual association fees.

Any failure to pay this assessment fee, on time, puts this important work at risk and places an undue burden on the homeowners who are abiding by the legal deed restrictions of Champion Forest.

Delinquent assessments shall be charged a late fee of $50 on the 1st of February and from that point, interest, and fees will start to accrue. Where appropriate, legal action will be initiated, in line with the collection policies. Please understand that you will be in violation of the deed restrictions that you agreed to at the time of purchase of your property if payment is not made in a timely manner.

In order to avoid unnecessary costs to our community, please pay your assessments on time. If your circumstances make full payment at this time impossible, please contact PMG, our new management company to set up a payment plan, as permitted by law and to help avoid any complications.

Did you know you can view your account and quickly and easily make your assessment payment via our new TownSq app?

Planning to update your home?

In order to maintain quality and aesthetic harmony in our beautiful neighborhood, ALL exterior changes and improvements to your home require approval by the Architectural Control Committee. Examples include; but are not limited to, building, painting, roof/fence replacement, concrete work, pools, window replacement, mailbox replacement, and all exterior remodeling.

In many communities, a charge is made to the homeowner for an ACC application. In Champion Forest, we have chosen to keep that free because we believe we all benefit from well maintained and updated properties. However, if an ACC application is not filed and approved prior to commencement of work, the HOA has and will exercise, the right to order a cease and desist and levy fines for noncompliance with the deed restrictions.

Please note that temporary amenities such as PODS,  Dumpsters, and Porta-Potties also require pre-approval.

Please see the Architectural Control page for full guidelines and application forms.

DAIL 911 for Emergencies!

To contact our precinct 4 constables for non-emergency service call:     281-376-3472   

  The constables want to hear from you if you see or hear anything suspicious in our neighborhood. They are here to serve us, please call on them.

Harris County Precinct 4 Constable's Office


Are you aware of how YOU can help Harris County help our neighborhood?

Our beautiful Champion Forest is located in Harris County Precinct 4. The services that our County provides, are paid for by our taxes, and we, as their residents, can request their assistance for a number of things.

For example, they provide public road and sidewalk repairs; including sinkholes, concrete repairs, drainage issues, road signs, and markings. That means that if your street marking are absent, or you have storm water drainage issues, standing water in your street (perhaps harboring mosquito larvae?), then you can put in a work order requesting repairs to remedy the issue.

Together we can make Champion Forest even better! Please look around your street and submit those work order requests to the county, in order to get assistance.